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People will stare. Make it worth their while.

We teamed up with our favorite jewelry brand, Namaslay Designs (@namaslaydesigns), to serve you some LEWKS. We took our mutual love of details, accessorizing, and all things glamorous, to push cultural boundaries and pay tribute to our favorite fashion motto: “more is more”.

‘Finesse’ is not just a collection, it’s a new chapter. It’s a commitment to being extra, and a promise to continue to design pieces that are one of a kind and true to who we are: bold, fearless, and unapologetic.

Please be sure to support Namaslay and check out their pieces: www.namaslaydesigns.com

4 months ago we went all the way back to the source (our beautiful motherland) to explore and start a journey. All we knew was that we wanted to bring back our culture in a way that hasn’t been done before. We wanted to inject the intricacies of our South Asian art style into the minimalistic world of streetwear. (And do it in a way that will make people proud & excited to show off who we are). FINESSE is not just an artistic exploration, but elements of our identity cut into familiar silhouettes. It’s Desi excellence and the idea that ‘more is more’. It’s the sights and experiences of a journey brought to you by an American Born Creative Desi.
It’s wandering the busy streets of our country, scouring mountains of fabric past the eye can see, taking in the lessons of textile masters, jumping trains in search of answers, taking adventures through the tiniest alleys, and being unafraid of what’s unknown all sewn into something contemporary.
It’s the hands of skilled artisans passing down their techniques to the next generation. It’s the art of our people, built for strong, unapologetic individuals.
FINESSE is me and you. It’s our life and our stories.
Hopefully it’s something we can all resonate with. .

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Your Nani’s closet…but make it fashion! 👵🏽✨
The Devotion Jacket is inspired by the generations of strong women before us, your grandma’s love of layering shawls and coats over her saris, the cozy embrace of someone you haven’t seen in a long time, kitty parties, afternoon chai, and our dedication to preserving our roots in an ever-changing world.
We strongly believe, in order to know where you’re going, you must know where you come from.
That’s why going back to India to personally source our new fabrics and design this new chapter of our line was really important to us.
For us, it’s not just about the glitz and glam of making fashion, but creating a newfound respect for our culture that we can all understand and appreciate.
Culture is complex, but our love for it doesn’t have to be. . .

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There’s something really comforting about taking a classic and turning it into something new. We wanted to give you the best of both worlds: the comfort of your favorite t-shirt with the flare & elegance of your mom’s best sari.
Part 2 of FINESSE is learning to turn traditional and timeless into a trendy keepsake for the modern day woman.
Seeing our moms in their old saris getting ready for poojas and family get togethers were some of our first memories of South Asian clothing (as is probably true for most of you as well). We wanted to take our first connection to our mothers’ closets and find a way for us to reinvent the garments to match our stories today.
This dress is ‘Devotion’ to something new and old. Devotion to making peace with our complex identities. Devotion to loving both worlds.

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Product Image
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