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AGNI was founded in 2017 by Neha Kapil as a means to bring her unique vision of fashion to the world. AGNI was not only a way to bridge the gap between all her creative interests, but an idea to create a space where art, beauty, and fashion can coexist harmoniously.

Our mission as a brand is to break barriers, be innovative, and expand beyond fan merchandise or fast fashion. Our creativity is more than just clothing, it’s a movement. As a brand, we want to use fashion as a medium to empower women across the globe, encourage cultural appreciation, promote acceptance, raise awareness for the arts, and uplift individuals for all the qualities that make them different and unique. 

One thing I always say is: if it’s a little off, then it’s just right.

That’s been my motto for everything I do, and hopefully I can bring something unique to you in our relationship as artist to customer. I always want to positively challenge you and create things that aren’t more of the same. One thing I wholeheartedly believe in is the special bond between creators and their appreciators, which is why everything in the shop is manufactured in house. I want everything to come directly from me to you to help make our bond personal and close to heart. All our designs are self-made and hand-printed with love.

Our brand is just a whole lot of passion and drive.

If you’re reading this, thank you for being here and supporting the movement. There’s nothing greater than the joy of doing this for you! -Neha

Fire to be fearless. Fire to be unique. Fire to be you.

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